We created an area inspired by the ideals that were forged in the 1960s designed for expressing oneself with freedom while enjoying a drink

What stands out of the 1960s is the light and colour, leaving greyness and formalities behind. Freedom was the keyword of this period and freedom is always bright and shiny. Red and white are the colours that evoke the passion and the purity that were necessary to believe in the ideals that were forged in the 1960s. London, Paris and New York became cultural epicentres. The Beatles revolutionised the world of music, Courrèges that of fashion and Pesce, Saarinen and Panton, among others, that of design. Splash & Crash is inspired by these years. It is an area designed to be able to express oneself with freedom while enjoying a good drink and a night-time atmosphere. It also aims to be a "fashionable place" where one can be seen and got to know. 
When you go into Splash & Crash, formalities are left behind and you are predisposed to move around with greater spontaneity, with the freedom that the atmosphere and the physical space permit.