We built the identity of Gavà Town Council, placing the emphasis on the municipality and on the population

The municipality of Gavà has grown disproportionately during the last decades, which has led to a problem of identity. Its borders have blended with those of neighbouring towns and the newly arrived population does not have a clear sense of belonging to its new Town Council.
To deal with this problem, the strategy for the new institutional image was based on reinforcing the identity in the municipal territory and in giving greater visibility to the action of its Town Council. The design of the brand and its development emphasise the first letter of the municipality, accentuated with the Catalan grave accent which goes over the last letter, the A, and the blot of colour in which they are placed brings to mind the old municipal shield.  
The message that the brand, its applications and the introduction campaign has transmitted to the citizens reached them clearly and firmly: “Placing the accent on Gavà”.