For almost two decades, Mariscal has been doing illustrations for the cover of El País Semanal which bring it humour and irony

Estudio Mariscal and El País Semanal have almost two decades of professional relationship, especially with regard to commissions to illustrate the cover. In these illustrations, which relate to the central subject of the Sunday supplement or to a specific character in current affairs, Mariscal has offered a more abstract vision of the subject which he illustrates, using his visual language, with an amusing, humorous treatment, though not falling into caricatures and managing to avoid hurting people’s feelings, in keeping with the editorial line of El País. 
The commissions to illustrate the members of the Royal Family, with a protagonist role, are dealt with ironically and with a sense of friendly humour that is not at all critical, but also with a complete absence of solemnity and without the prudent distance with which the monarchy are always treated by the Spanish mass media. In each portrait there are symbolic elements relative to their condition and the personality of the character abounds.