Mariscal's illustrations in the prestigious magazine The New Yorker have transported the festive, Mediterranean spirit to the scenes of New York City.

This New York publication is an island within the international editorial panorama of current general magazines, as it maintains the increasingly hard to find tradition of combining written journalism with illustration. The best illustrators in the world have published and continue to publish in it, as well as the most prestigious writers. It is a magazine with a great literary and graphic quality.
For more than two decades, Mariscal has collaborated with the magazine that was founded by his great point of reference, the master Saul Steinberg. The relationship with its art director, Françoise Mouli, is excellent, although it is not always easy to adapt to a magazine mainly based on New York matters. Mariscal's cover illustrations are mostly related to the date of publication and transport the festive, Mediterranean spirit to the city of New York.