We developed a graphic language in a poetic key to produce the yearbook for the multinational electrical components company, Zumtobel

When Zumtobel, the multinational electrical components company commissioned its yearbook, it was based on the idea that light was going to be the object on which an entire graphic language in a poetic key was going to be developed. Starting with this concept, the light develops a chromatic metaphor in which it simulates the lighting changes that take place from night until dawn and from dawn until sunset. Lights and shadows, reflections, tones, hues, dazzles and new births. The two nights are stained with black: a moonless night is illuminated by artificial light or a night is illuminated by a full moon. The chromatic range of the remaining pages refers to the terms of sunset and dawn, when light defines the time and takes over the spaces. And within this colour range, this personality that captures the light with a funnel is created. 
The yearbook does not only offer data, thanks to the graphic resources used, it also manages to transmit top-quality advertising.