We have designed the Phaidon edition of Simone Ortega’s “1,080 Recipes”, with 400 illustrations by Mariscal that express a cheerful, easy, Mediterranean cuisine

The British publishing company Phaidon decided to publish the successful book by Simone Ortega, a compendium of basic, affordable recipes for inexperienced cooks. It wanted a meticulous edition, as a book-object with the artistic value of Mariscal's illustrations and recurred to Estudio Mariscal for its design. 
When taking on the design, we decided that it should enjoy the same simplicity as the work, placing emphasis on the pace and on making the order of the sections highly manageable, something essential in a book that is not to read linearly. The open design of the layout meant that each recipe could start and finish on the same page. Mariscal drew around 400 illustrations in a realistic style, in chalk, which express a specific feeling: that of cheerful, easy, Mediterranean cuisine.