Mariscal started out with a graphic puzzle to produce this monographic book about Los Garriris which hides a highly personal reflection

Los Garriris made their first appearance in the comic El Rrollo Enmascarado in 1974 and since then, as you can see in this compilation, they have moved into other design disciplines and other supports: illustration, brand image, merchandising, object, painted glass, pottery, etc. 
This book, published by SinsEntido is the project of a project, a way of reflecting on Los Garriris to place them in a monographic work. It is not an exhaustive compilation, but a studied selection taken from hundreds of notes, nib drawings, oils, watercolours, waxes, felt-tip pens or any other technique that has survived in the file for almost 40 years. Now they come together in these pages following the Mariscal method: a graphic puzzle that hides a highly personal order. A puzzle that ends up fitting in, that is understood and that communicates a whole host of meanings thanks to the fact that its pieces are not ordered chronologically nor do they follow a strict method.