We designed an articulated lamp as essential as the first that was made and more technological than the last.

The LoTek lamp was created from tradition, which is why it is an evolved lamp.  Its past is in its genes and it reveals this through its form, its function and the materials that have been used to manufacture it. 
The 19th century Industrial Revolution is the origin of its base: a rudimentary iron shape which acts as a counterweight and is the perfect support for an articulated, revolving lamp. The 20th century is found in the mechanics of its articulated aluminium arm, which has an innovative ball and socket joint, allowing it to move 180° vertically, without friction, and to adopt different positions that give different focuses to its luminous head. The 21st century can be found in the technology of its shade, the LED source of light, a cold light that has a lot of advantages, which include its low consumption. It is turned on and off by gently caressing its head. There is no future without the past.
LoTek is a very democratic lamp, with a surprising appearance, a fluid, extreme movement and a pleasant touch.