We installed a large format sculpture to add meaning to the William McDonough building

Ecourban is a building complex with an ambitious programme for a mixed use that is part of the urban renewal project for the district known as 22@ in Barcelona. The American architect, William McDonough, one of the gurus of sustainability, designed the architecture project. The building is a lighthouse for the future, facing one of the challenges of the 21st century: the integration of technological and ecologic intelligence to create a healthy habitat. 
The commission for the sculpture installed in the atrium was to design a piece that added meaning to the building. The concept arose from seeking this integration of technology and ecology that Ecourban follows through the sculpture. This is reflected in the use of technological materials —plastic and aluminium, in its shape —a plant structure, an "organism" that falls from the ceiling and crosses all the floors, and in its bright colour. This artistic intervention fills the space with optimism and confidence in a technological, sustainable future, a desire we all share.