We renewed, updated and gave new meanings to the symbol of a political commitment

After a long stage influenced by the spirit and charisma of Olof Palme, the Swedish socialist party needed to renew its political project and its governing organs. Mona Sahlin is the woman who leads and presides over this new stage and she commissioned Estudio Mariscal to redesign the Socialist symbol to identify the new positioning of the party. The role of the brand in this context is fundamental because it must synthesise the aspirations of this political and generational change as well as serve as an integrating feature for all the members. 
The graphic solution developed frees the old symbol of any feature that could suggest aggressiveness or confrontation. We did away with the fist and drew a rose with open petals through which light penetrates. The flower becomes a smiling face as a sign of commitment. A few months later, they won the general elections.
Today, the smile of the Swedish socialist party is the symbol which unites the emotions of millions of people in a common project with renewed values.