We went for an avant-garde design and it was the most profitable Olympic Games mascot for the IOC

As the jury responsible for the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games mascot stated, the choice of a mascot is not a banal event. It is a choice which involves considering a great diversity of aspects. The mascot has a guaranteed place in Olympic symbolism and this ensures it has a significant presence. 
Mariscal went for an avant-garde design, and won. It was an innovative cultural proposal, a mascot that broke the rules and therefore acquired a personality of its own, right from its creation. It is a friendly, kind, cheerful, communicative character which identifies with all the Olympic roles, whether sportive or representative. Cobi was put to diverse uses and new functions which reinvented the role of mascots in the Modern Games.
In surveys carried out by the Barcelona Olympic Coordinating Committee (COOB) at the end of the Barcelona Games, Cobi had 81% acceptance by the public. 20 years on, it still forms part of the collective worldview. To date, it has been the most profitable mascot at the Olympic Games for the IOC.