We constructed an artistic pergola playing with the semantics of the chair and its symbolic value to shape the hospital identity.

Hospital Río Hortega in Valladolid is a project by Luis Fernández Inglada, to introduce the need to create an identity that integrates it into the urban and human fabric of the city. This is why Estudio Mariscal was commissioned to create a milestone in front of it.
The first objective was to construct a space in which people can protect themselves from the external climate of the area and lighten themselves from the emotional load that a hospital visit or stay involves. It was based on an earlier artistic work by Mariscal in which he played with the semantics of the chair and its symbolic value. This gave rise to the pergola made out of huge scale chairs which make a shelter for patients, visitors and workers.
Another aspect is the "challenge" of achieving its enormous dimensions; 170 m long and 12 m high, meaning that it can be seen from different perspectives, close to or far away, as a sculptural ensemble which, over time, will be a recognisable, well-known, neighbourhood, friendly image which will help to shape the hospital identity, but also the identity of the city.