We constructed a clear, long-lasting brand discourse through the image and communication of the event.

Estudio Mariscal has dealt with the image and communication of the Barcelona International Boat Show for the last decade. Through the communication campaigns, the design of its interior and exterior image and all the corporate and marketing pieces, it has managed to construct a long-lasting identity.
Associating the sea to the boat show is the concept around which the image of all the editions has revolved. The sea has been emphasised as an area for living together, in which man establishes a respectful relationship with the environment, and as a place for leisure time and enjoyment. The segmentation strategy that it introduced served so that it appeals to buyers interested in the largest yachts as well as fans of more popular recreational sailing. 
A wide target public which is reflected in the great growth it has undergone —in terms of visitors, exhibitors and business—has managed to situate it among the top three European boat shows as far as results are concerned.