We developed the identity, communication and the website of a new bank committed to the future which only operates on the Internet.

To reinforce its "new way of banking", to maintain "the commitment" to its customers and to attract a younger public, Bancaja decided to create a new brand that only operates on the Internet.
The strategy is based on promoting its commitment to the future, to social and technological changes and to the new needs, uses and habits of its customers. 
The emotional relationship that the brand builds with its users is found in its replacing all the rigidity of bank language for new, more contemporary communication codes. The invariable corporate colour was replaced by a flexible range of bright, light colours associated to the brand. The distant formal way of treating customers was changed for a more familiar treatment. The texts are clear, transparent, fast to read and understand. The symbol comes to life and takes on the role of the customer. 
“Tu bancaja” is a daring, contemporary, transparent bank which is highly attractive to the new generations.