We created the visual identity for the bank which invented a "new way of banking".

Bancaja, like the rest of the savings banks in Spain, had the legal opportunity to expand its business throughout the whole of Spain and to thus be able to compete with private banks under better conditions. To do this, it developed a strategic plan which caught the banking sector by surprise, based on transparency, good practices and trust in the customer. Bancaja’s daring repositioning required a new brand to express this "new way of banking". 
The new symbol, a large asterisk with open arms, refers to the meeting between two people and to transparent commitment. Bancaja has not used the small asterisks that hide the "small print" that is so common in this sector again in any of its contracts. 
The typography is a free reinterpretation of the previous typeface, simplifying and updating its characters. We decided to maintain the corporate colour due to sustainability criteria when introducing it into thousands of bank branches.
The success of the “Bancaja commitment" associated to the new brand has positioned this bank among those best valued by customers.