We designed two versions of a chair, inspired by a nest, but as solid as a rock.

Roca (Rock) is a seat made up of two united bodies: the shell, made of fibreglass with a polished finish, and the seat, upholstered in fabric and filled with foam and a metal tube base which draws a geometric figure. Roca is a firm chair which is balanced with the lightness of the structure of its legs. The seat, like a nest suspended among branches, is both a safe refuge as well as a welcoming place. The outdoor version is very fresh, it enjoys being outside and takes pleasure from the simple things in life, like contemplating the landscape or allowing itself to be caressed by the spring sun. It looks ready for the good weather, but it can also withstand the bad weather. It has a rural temperament, it likes wearing natural fabrics that breathe, allowing the air to pass through, alleviating the heat.