We conceived and gave shape to the remains of an imaginary civilisation to give the theme park a fascinating content.

In the ambitious Felisia project, a Family Entertainment Centre in Apulia, Italy, we developed the concept, the architecture and the contents, in collaboration with the studios of the architects Dani Freixes and Alfredo Arribas. Felisia was not conceived as an ordinary theme park. The concept is an invented civilisation of which archaeological remains have been found, which means that the trip around the park can be confused with that of an archaeological excavation. Knowledge about the remains of the unknown Felician civilisation, allegedly found in the substratum of Felisia, and the later work of archaeologists and scientists are the stars of the route followed by visitors through the various areas of which Felisia is made up. 
It is a park with aesthetic charm, cultural references, touches of humour, high technology and a place to have a really good time.