We developed efficient ideas and a spectacular look to achieve the greatest functionality, to create excitement among buyers and to give prestige to the image of the brand.

The Swedish multinational company, H&M, commissioned Estudio Mariscal to do the integral design of the first designer shop that it opened in the world. It is in Portal de L'Àngel, the largest shopping street in Barcelona in a historical 1,720 m2 building which had previously been the home of Gas Natural. 
To stand out in such a competitive environment, we designed a spectacular entrance, with an explosion of colour and movement through LED screens with a powerful attraction component; the obvious task of harmoniously combining what is historical with what is contemporary. Its new use involved developing a programme that acts as a second skin and which generates all the functional elements to be able to display clothes and accessories. The stairway and the dome are emphasised, they are conceived as a symbol, like a spiral up into the sky. The appearance was not the only challenge: the store is also a laboratory for making logistics and shop display more efficient. 
A project aimed to create excitement and to give prestige to the image of the brand.