Mariscal conceived a giant prawn with lobsters’ claws that has become part of the identity of the seafront in Barcelona

The commission for this giant sculpture came about as a result of the renewal of the coastal area of the city of Barcelona. The sculpture was conceived to sit above Gambrinus, by the architect Alfredo Arribas. Mariscal proposed a comic script, in which the restaurant offered the appearance of a transatlantic boat from the 1920s crowned by a huge prawn with lobsters’ claws, 15 m wide, positioned on the wavy terrace of the pavilion. Over the years, all the bars that had been built in this area fell into decadence until they completely disappeared. However, La Gamba was bought and restored by Barcelona City Council and was put in the same place, as it has become a citizen icon that gives the seafront identity and also, an attraction for tourists, who take photographs of themselves standing next to it.