We designed a garden which vindicates artifices, to give identity to the Teatro del Bosque

Móstoles Town Council commissioned Estudio Mariscal to carry out an artistic intervention that would give an identity to the new municipal theatre, by the architect Miguel Verdú. 
The concept arose from a radical intervention in which the garden is vindicated as an artifice, a designed, drawn landscape ordered by man's hand. This garden is also a small labyrinth, with dunes, architectural trees and two totem sphinxes. The vegetation is planted in vertical structures of which there are 20 levels. From the street, the building rises up between dunes which are upholstered in green, which have a sinuous gesture and become more voluminous taking on the shape of the two large cats that seem to guard over the theatre, like lions guarding over the Court.
The Teatro del Bosque garden is a set design in a public area, a piece of fiction to be experienced and performed daily.