We imagined a magical forest for a realistic cuisine

To conceptualise the interior design of Ikea, one of the best in Vitoria, we imagined it as a restaurant located in a farmhouse found on the top of a “little hill” (ikea in the Basque language), surrounded by a forest of beech and oak trees. The reality is that the Ikea restaurant in Vitoria is a "fairytale house" which is in the middle of a forest of apartment blocks. 
After the refurbishment, carried out with the collaboration of the Fernando Salas Studio, the forest can be experienced in the interior. We used oak and other local wood, wood and unpolished stone, allowing all the streaks, knots and saw marks to be seen.  Different varieties, different textures and cuts to provide this primitive sensation, in which the formal imperfection is simply a quality of the material. On some of the panels there are animal shapes, in fibreglass and illuminated with fibre-optics, a reference to what is contemporary. 
Ikea is a metaphor of the cuisine of its chef, José Ramón Berriozabal, who prefers cooking to experimenting, but who does not rule out investigating flavours and food products.