We created a mutant character able to symbolise all the concepts developed in the Hanover 2000 Universal Exposition

o choose the mascot for the Hanover Expo 2000, the organisers invited a restricted group of twenty significant international authors to participate in a competition. In keeping with the conditions of the competition, the mascot had to symbolise the three basic slogans of the Universal Exposition: Humanity, Nature and Technology.
Twipsy was the chosen mascot, designed by Mariscal, a character that arrives from a distant past such as is the Big Bang, a spark in expansion that became a star, a cell, an invertebrate, a reptile, a bird, a mammal and, now, Twipsy. 
Twipsy was born in a computer therefore his morphology is like that of chewing gum, which can be pulled and lengthened, reduced and shortened. His very essence determines his shape. Twipsy also had to represent a being able to understand all the codes managed by companies in 2000; not just Western codes, but those of far-off cultures for European people, but which had to be present in this intermingled society.  Twipsy is a synthesis, but also a thesis.