We developed a dissemination campaign concerning a law aimed at children and adolescents, in which we became infected by their spontaneous language.

When the Parliament of Catalonia passed the Law of Rights and Opportunities of Children and Adolescents, it passed a new, advanced legal framework that protects children and adolescents in situations of risk or neglect. So that knowledge about this law reaches diverse sectors of the general public, in particular students at primary and secondary schools, administrative centres and the general public, the Ministry of Social Action and Citizenship asked Estudio Mariscal to design the dissemination campaign.
The graphic image that was developed is infected by the graphic spontaneity of children and adolescents and "copies" their hand, either graffiti or children's writing, depending on the public at which it is aimed, as well as their iconography to disseminate the messages communicated by the values of the law. Thanks to merchandising items and an interactive website, the protagonists of the law become the best disseminators of it.